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Marble Countertop Maintenance

Elite Stone & Marble has been providing the St. Louis Metropolitan area with a wide variety of hand-selected marble stones since 2014. Though they are a beautiful addition to bathrooms, kitchens and other living spaces, marble countertops require specialized upkeep to maintain their quality throughout the years. Our team of experts has complied some of our tried and true care and maintenance tips, guaranteed to help you protect your marble countertop through the years.


Important things to remember when cleaning and maintaining your countertop:

Test Spot

Always test an inconspicuous spot on your countertop before using any cleaning or maintenance product to ensure the product does not react negatively with your marble countertop.


Disinfect with isopropyl alcohol. DO NOT use vinegar on your countertop. A periodical disinfection with isopropyl alcohol and warm water is a much safer means of achieving a sterile surface for cooking.


Use caution when working with heavy objects around marble. Though they are rare, chips can happen when your marble faces impact with a hard or heavy object. Chips are expensive to fill, so use caution.

Pot Holder

Use coasters and heat pads for cookware. This will help protect the surface of the marble from heat that could ultimately damage your countertop.


Weekly Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to preserve the quality of your marble slab is to clean your countertop on a weekly basis. When considering what materials to use for a weekly cleansing, we advise to stick to the basics. A regular cleaning with a warm water, mild soap, dishwashing liquid, or cleaner can go a long way when it comes to extending the life of your countertop without the use of harsh chemicals that will ultimately hurt the life of your stone. Weekly maintenance of your countertop will prevent any unknown substances from building up or etching at the sealant on the surface, even if the space is not regularly used.


Seasonal Sealing

This being said, it is also important to consider a seasonal sealing of your countertop. Even if it is not visible, the top layer of your stone can begin to etch away with consistent use and common wear and tear from pots and pans, hot tools and glassware due to its porous nature. We recommend any sealant that can be purchased at any of St. Louis’ many home improvement stores. Always look for products that were made for the specific material you are looking to maintain. Allow the sealant to cure for at least 24 hours before using your countertop again. This will prevent transfer of the material or damage to the newly sealed surface.

Bath Marble


If you are looking to install a marble countertop in your St. Louis home, or already own a stone countertop and have questions on care and maintenance, contact us today! Our team of marble experts is waiting to assist you.