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Granite Countertop Care 101

Granite countertops can give any space a new and exciting feel. Made of natural stone, granite provides the perfect balance between elegance and functionality. Its unmatched beauty and high-end polish also prove to be a great addition to any home!

While granite countertops provide many benefits, proper maintenance is crucial to preserving their quality. If you’re unsure how to properly care for your granite countertop surface, you’re not alone! Elite Stone & Marble is here to give you a few pointers to keep your granite countertop looking its best.


Clean Often

Granite is a material that requires consistent care. Therefore, your granite surface should be attended to daily. Make sure to grab a soft cloth and use warm soap and water to wipe down the stone. It’s also recommended that you clean the material with stone cleaner once a week just to be safe!


Invest in Sealer for Your Countertop

Experts agree that granite countertops should be resealed annually. This allows the granite to maintain its resistance to dirt and spills and minimizes the risk of damaging your countertop. Sealer is available for you to purchase at any local hardware store. For more information on the re-sealing process,
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Avoid Harsh Chemicals

When caring for your granite countertop, it’s important to prevent it from coming into contact with any cleaners with high PH levels. Yes, that means you shouldn’t use everyday products you rely on like bleach and fine steel wool pads! Use of these materials can dull your countertop’s finish and cause discoloring. If you’re still unsure about what cleaners or chemicals to avoid, it’s okay! Click here to learn more.



Purchasing a granite countertop is a big investment, but with the proper care, this material is one you’ll fall in love with right away. At Elite Stone & Marble, we are happy to help you with your granite countertop installation.

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