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How to Remodel Your Countertops on a Budget

As a homeowner, countertop remodeling gives you a chance to bring your ideas to life…that is until you find out it comes at a price. The good news however, is you can still remodel your countertops on a budget and be completely satisfied!

At Elite Stone & Marble, we offer a variety of countertop styles and designs for residents of the Greater St. Louis Area. So forget about stressing over how you’ll finance your next countertop remodel! All you need to do is read this article and in no time, you’ll have the high-quality countertop renovation you desire at a fraction of the cost. 


Step 1: Know What you Want from the Start

Planning is key when it comes to budget countertop remodeling. This will give you a chance to pinpoint specifically what you want for your project and you can come up with a budget to follow beforehand. With a plan for your bathroom’s makeover, you’ll avoid any last-minute changes and going over budget.


Step 2: It’s all About the Countertop Material

Think about the countertop material you choose. Expensive materials like Granite and Marble can hike up your renovation costs. If you’re still wishing you could get a quality granite or marble countertop without the price tag, you’re in luck! Alternative materials like laminate and solid surface come in a variety of colors and patterns. They can even be customized to resemble a higher quality countertop!


Step 3: Consider Countertop Remnants

If you’re not a fan of cost-effective countertop materials like laminate or solid surface, countertop remnants may be a good choice for you. Countertop remnants are leftover pieces of countertop material including granite, quartz, and marble. As a result, they are sold at a lower cost, giving you the opportunity to have a great looking countertop.


Step 4: Talk to a Professional About Your Project

Many times, you may not know what countertops you want even after thinking about it or you may not know how to go about your countertop remodeling project. A professional with industry experience and an eye for design can help you see what countertops will add value to your space based on your budget. They can also answer any questions that may help save time and money in the long run. At Elite Stone & Marble, we offer a free consultation with one of our professionals so you can feel prepared for your next countertop makeover!

Don’t let your budget stop you from giving your countertops a makeover. At Elite Stone & Marble you’ll find a variety of countertop styles and designs to meet your needs! Contact us today to begin your next project.