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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Countertop Fabrication

The countertop remodeling process is much more than getting new countertops installed in your home. Homeowners looking to remodel their countertops need to be prepared to talk with a remodeling professional, decide on a material, have their countertops fabricated, and pay a deposit before installation can begin.

One of the aspects of the countertop remodeling process that homeowners are less familiar with is countertop fabrication, and it happens to be very important to having a successful countertop remodel. Below you’ll find a list of the most frequently asked questions about the countertop fabrication process.


1. What is countertop fabrication?

Countertop fabrication is what occurs after you’ve picked your countertop material and have had slabs of the material specially cut to match the measurements of the space being remodeled. Once this is complete, the Elite Stone & Marble crew will take the slab cuts and shape them to have the edge of your choice! They’ll finish the fabrication process by sealing and polishing the countertops so that they are ready to use in your home.


2. How much of an impact does it make on my overall remodeling costs?

The impact of countertop fabrication will depend on the type of materials you select for your countertop renovation. For example, the stone fabrication of granite versus the fabrication a remnant or laminate countertop can differ greatly. At Elite Stone & Marble, countertop fabrication is part of your overall countertop installation cost.

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3. How long does countertop fabrication take?

Countertop fabrication involves a process of its own, meaning that wait time can take up to 2½ weeks before your countertop is finished and ready to install. Elite Stone & Marble will work with you to select an installation date once the countertop fabrication process is complete.


4. Do I need to provide any measurements of my space to the contractor?

Not at all! After your initial design consultation with a member of our team, Elite Stone & Marble will schedule a visit to your home.  During the visit, our team will inspect your space and take into account the placement of any appliances, cabinetry, and the overall layout of your space. They will use this information to fabricate your countertops into the dimensions needed for your space.



5. Which countertop material is easiest to fabricate?

Marble! While Marble countertops are the most expensive, the composition of the material gives it a soft finish. This make fabrication simpler, however, marble is not heat, stain, or scratch resistant, so it is important to consider these trade-offs as you plan your remodeling project.

At Elite Stone & Marble, we follow a 4-step process for all countertop remodeling projects. Our staff is happy to walk you through our process and assist you with your countertop installation needs. Get a head start on your countertop remodeling project and contact us now to schedule a free consultation.