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Countertop Fabrication

To ensure complete satisfaction with your countertop installation, our team of experts will assist with the fabrication of a countertop template for your project once your design consultation is complete. Before the fabrication of your countertop template, we ask that you have all the necessary materials and appliances readily available for our installation crew in order to accelerate the process. Once an appointment has been scheduled, the process begins:

  1. Onsite Template Measurement – The fabrication process will start with a visit to your home or commercial property from Elite Stone & Marble. Onsite, we will take into account the placement of the appliances and equipment in your remodel space in order to seamlessly install your countertop and guarantee an accurate fit.

  2. Slab Cuts – After the template is complete, our crew will cut the slab of your selected material into the exact size and dimensions needed.

  3. Time Frame - You can expect up to 2½ weeks of wait time before the countertop fabrication is complete and ready for installation.

Elite Stone & Marble will call to schedule the install date as soon as the countertop fabrication is complete. Please complete the contact form or call us at 636-720-0497 to schedule your FREE design consultation. Experience the true difference when working with Elite Stone & Marble and let us complete your remodel with a beautiful countertop. 

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