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Custom Countertop Design

Elite Stone & Marble is focused on providing countertop solutions for your remodel in the most cost effective and hassle-free way. With our 5-step design process, our professional team of designers will provide assistance from consultation to purchase, offering their design expertise and experience to help you choose the perfect countertop solution for your needs. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we have you covered every step of the way.

  1. Free Consultation
    The initial consultation is free and is an opportunity for you to bring preliminary dimensions to our designers and discuss the overall look of your remodel.

  2. Layout
    Determining the layout of your kitchen or bathroom is the next step needed for your countertop design. Working with you to establish the placement of sinks, stoves, and appliances, our designers will ensure you are satisfied with the layout prior to measuring your countertop dimensions.

  3. Measurement
    After evaluating the layout of your home or commercial property, you have the option of having a designer come out and measure the height, depth and width of your countertop for a $250 nonrefundable designer fee. That amount will be credited toward your final purchase at the conclusion of your install.

  4. Materials & Finishes
    Once measured, our designers will factor in the wall colors, cabinet styles, and flooring to ensure a cohesive look. Choosing a material and finish that accents your style is crucial to the final product of your remodel.

  5. Price Estimates
    As a distribution and installation company, we make the process of purchasing and installing as cost effective as possible. Once the remainder of the design process is complete, we will provide an accurate estimate for your custom countertop design.

    Our team of designers will establish the proper dimensions, layout, and finish of your countertop material in order to seamlessly integrate the countertop with your bathroom or kitchen remodel. By choosing a custom countertop design from Elite Stone & Marble, we guarantee your satisfaction. Please complete the contact form or call us today and schedule your FREE design consultation: 636-720-0491.

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