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Laundry Room Countertops

Known for providing St. Louis area homes with stunning stone countertops, Elite Stone & Marble believes in bringing the timeless elegance of stone to every area of the home. 

Our laundry room countertops add a beautiful design element to your current laundry space, while maximizing the functionality of a typically smaller room in your household.

These countertops are high quality surfaces built to withstand countless loads of laundry. The durability of various stone materials as well as convenient cleaning ability makes our countertops perfect for everything from pre-soaking and stain removal, to sorting and folding. 

Types of Laundry Room Countertops

Available in an assortment of colors and styles, Elite Stone & Marble laundry room countertops are affordable and designed to withstand the daily demands of detergent, bleach and other laundry room necessities.

Interested in discussing your laundry room countertop project? Contact the professional design team at Elite Stone & Marble by calling 636-707-2951 to start your free consultation today! Looking for some inspiration? Browse our laundry room gallery section today for more ideas.

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