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Kitchen Countertop Trends to Follow in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to begin thinking about your kitchen countertop renovation plans! Getting a head start on your next project will ensure you get the kitchen countertop you’ve always desired. To make things easier, we’ve gathered a list of kitchen countertop trends that will be highly sought-after by homeowners next year.  

Give Your Kitchen a Pop of Color

More and more kitchen remodeling projects are integrating brighter color schemes. This trend has started to spread to kitchen countertops as well. In 2019, purchase kitchen countertops with a bright color, for example, a granite countertop with a light pink or jade green tint. A unique and stylish color choice will make your kitchen countertop a beautiful contrasting piece in your kitchen!   

Add a Countertop with a Unique Cut

Most kitchen countertops are cut so that the edges are straight, however, unique cuts are becoming the kitchen countertop trend for homeowners in 2019. Consider adding a countertop to your kitchen with curved or jagged edges. These nontraditional cuts will give your kitchen countertop a more natural and artistic look, making it the main accessory in your kitchen.

Mix Countertop Materials Together

Looking for a kitchen countertop that is made of fine material, but can also withstand the wear and tear from a busy lifestyle? With the latest kitchen countertop trend, homeowners can purchase a countertop made of multiple material types. For example, a kitchen countertop that is made of marble, but also has a section of the countertop made of laminated wood is possible for your next project. The fine marble material allows the kitchen countertop to maintain its elegance while also providing a section of made of wood for frequent use. It’s the perfect combination for homeowners with high traffic kitchens.

Elite Stone & Marble in St. Louis offers custom countertops solutions for a variety of kitchens. Homeowners can choose from several color options and materials that will meet their needs. Start planning your next kitchen countertop renovations for 2019 and follow the latest kitchen countertop trends by scheduling a free consultation with us now!